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This is the resulting photograph. Because of the low light, I exposed for 30 seconds. Fortunately, the humans stayed relatively still during the capture and I came away with something I was happy with.

Two souls at the edge of a vast ocean, admiring the agility of a mighty animal. 

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A Quick Glance https://www.uldericoimages.com/blog/2014/10/a-quick-glance It was approximately 9:40 PM and I happened to glance out the window. Happy to see a sky full of stars, I quickly ventured into the backyard. As I was traversing the lawn I suddenly noticed flashes illuminating the sky from behind a tree. I surmised that I was seeing light from a thunderstorm. Upon this realization, I quickly reentered the house to fetch my camera and tripod. With equipment in hand, I quickly ventured onto the roof. Reassuringly, a thunderstorm was raging offshore with consistent flashes of lightning. As if that wasn't enough, a sky painted of stars looked down upon me with the Milky Way Galaxy stretching across the middle. I quickly set up my tripod. I then manually focused on the brightest star I could find and dialed in a preliminary composition of f/1.4, 20 seconds, ISO 1600. As my handy piece of technology recorded the moment, I began to hear the faint call of birds. The song gradually increased in volume and as the birds flew over my head, the melody seemed to be emanating from the heavens above. Nearly every 10 seconds, lightning lit up the storm clouds. The distant tumult spoke naught, performing a silent show for any creature eager to watch.

I have always dreamt of photographing lightning and The Milky Way together. That quick glance at the night sky was very rewarding. I appreciate nature immensely. For me, in this instance, it was more about the experience than the product. I'm not pumped about the composition and I would have preferred a closer view of the storm. But you gotta work with what you got because your never gonna have everything you want. Keep your eyes open and stay vigilant and you may be rewarded!

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A Welcome Surprise https://www.uldericoimages.com/blog/2014/10/a-welcome-surprise A little while back I took a trip up to Mauna Kea during the new moon to shoot the night sky. The first stop I made was at the base of the Mauna Kea Access Road along the saddle. I was drawn to the leading lines of the road guiding the viewer up the mountain towards the Milky Way Galaxy rising overhead. Anyway, I hoped this vision of mine would result in an acceptable composition. Unbeknownst to me, The Andromeda Galaxy was sitting just to the right of the far larger Milky Way Galaxy. At the time I was unaware that this neighboring star system could be seen with the naked eye and I probably would have noticed it if I had been on the lookout. Fortunately, thanks to my ignorance I was pleasantly surprised with the resulting capture.

The image is nothing extraordinary. The revelation it delivered was. Little surprises like this keep me excited and encouraged about life and what is to come. Always keep an open mind and you never know what wonders may jump out at you!

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Friday the 13th https://www.uldericoimages.com/blog/2014/6/friday-the-13th I went up near Mauna Kea on Friday the 13th to have a good time and photograph the Moonrise. I gotta tell ya, Moonrises are quite underrated. They are very peaceful events that calm the restless mind. Anyway, my father and dog came along and we had a jolly good time. There was a substantial amount of vog (similar to smog, produced by the volcano) in the air on this given night. This would normally irk me but the haze helped diffuse the light of the rising moon. We made our way up a hill which provided a high quality view of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Mauna Kea is the highest mountain in the Hawaiian Islands at 13,803 ft., and Mauna Loa is the second highest peak in the Islands at 13,679 ft., as well as being considered the largest volcano on Earth! We made good time and reached a suitable vantage point just as the glow of the moon began to illuminate the horizon.



As you can see, the moon is nearly risen in this photo. Mauna Kea is visible to the far left and Mauna Loa to the far right. The bright streaks to the right of the moon are light trails from cars driving over Saddle Road. Many stars are still visible overhead.


Self PortraitSelf Portrait


Here's an attempt at a self portrait. It would have turned out better if I had a flash handy, but you've gotta work with what you got!



This was the view looking back towards Kohala. The full moon really does a great job of illuminating the land at night. I urge you to go out and find some unique compositions to shoot during the full moon. Don't forget to bring a tripod!



I took this photo a couple months back on Hualalai during a full moon. As you can see, I captured the Milky Way in the image. Fortunately, the moon was at a low angle in the sky when this was taken, allowing the galaxy to appear without being completely washed out. I actually couldn't see the Milky Way when I took this. The tree carcass caught my eye and I was pleasantly surprised when I went through my photos the next day. If you feel inclined, go out during the next full moon and see what you can find! I am out in Massachusetts at the moment and the weather has been superb. Stay tuned for more photos at my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/uldericoimages Good Day!

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